About us

History of Dufeau:

In 1994 the Dufeau Watch Company was founded by Walter P. Zaugg, who was an airline pilot. The company's name choice is a tribute to Henry and Armande Dufeau, who were among the first Swiss to fly to the sky. Dufeau brothers were also involved in planes and blades production. Dufeau Watch Company has made many aviation watches. For example, watches have been made in collaboration with airlines such as KLM and Swissair. Beautiful series have also been made together with Boeing, Fokker, Douglas etc. The company used aircraft-certified steel and sapphire crystal glasses for their watches, combined with very reliable Swiss movements. In 2003, Dufeau stopped their activities.

Dufeau recently came into the hands of a passionate aviation and watch enthusiast. To give Dufeau wings again, collaboration has been sought with a renowned master watchmaker to realize the visions of this brand. The result is the first model in years, the Flightpath.


Your Dufeau team.